RF and Microwave System and Circuit Analysis

The team at Clear Crest Wireless brings together vast experience in the domain of system and circuit analysis, and in particular RF amplifier linearization and design, antenna design, thermal management and mechanical design :


Advanced filter design is essential for all telecom installations where the proper frequency management and distribution of signals must be achieved with challenging multi-band, designs that operate in extreme environments. Our multi-cavity resonator designs offer industry leading size weight and performance advantages

Antenna Analysis and Design​​

Wireless system designs require advanced antennas that are compact, multi-band, and offer advanced features such as Remote Electrical Tilt, Azimuth adjustment, and in the future beamwidth, control. Increasingly, Active Arrays are being considered, along with antennas with Integrated Remote Radio Heads. The right design choices are crucial for the development of advanced antenna systems, as is the choice of the correct material for the avoidance of issues such as passive intermodulation in future production.

Thermal Analysis and Design​

Thermal considerations should be a high priority in advanced RF system development. A concept simply cannot proceed until the thermal and reliability implications are carefully examined. With an advanced thermal simulation and design, the right components can be chosen that will offer the ultimate system reliability and field performance

Mechanical Engineering​​​​

Advanced mechanical engineering is an essential part any development and launch of products for the telecom industry. It is essential to incorporate size , weight and thermal management in any new design along with proper material science to end up with structurally sound and aesthetic designs